Overview of the Programme


The programme of the Katholikentag

Current religious, socio-political, cultural, scientific and spiritual topics: The programme of a Katholikentag addresses all of these. It offers space for exchange and new experiences, for encounter and reflection. Discursive events, workshops, participatory activities and much more invite people to exchange views on current topics from the Church and society in a variety of thematic areas. 

The framework to which the events are oriented is provided by the motto. The motto for the 102nd German Catholic Convention 2022 in Stuttgart is leben teilen or sharing life. You can find more information here.  

An overview of the events at a Katholikentag 

At a Katholikentag, events on various topics and programmes await the participants. Here you will find an overview of the different areas that can usually be found in every Katholikentag programme: 

Thematic areas 

At the 102nd German Catholic Convention in Stuttgart there will be programmes on the three thematic areas "Our Faith: Sharing Hope", "Our Responsibility: Sharing Challenges" and "Our Future: Sharing Opportunities". Thematic area 1 – Our Faith: Sharing Hope – will deal with religious and theological issues. It will also include inter-religious dialogue. Regional, national and Europe-wide issues will be addressed in Thematic area 2 – Our Responsibility: Sharing Challenges – which will focus on (socio-) political issues. The manifold global topics will be taken up in Thematic area 3 – Our Future: Sharing Opportunities. This also includes the Centre for the Universal Church.   

Centre for Bible and Spirituality 

The Bible and Spirituality Centre is the spiritual centre of the Katholikentag. Here, the focus is not only on the spiritual dimension, but on the whole range of biblical themes – intellectually challenging, contemplative, political, creative and artistic. Individual counselling and confession talks are also offered, as well as discussion groups on questions of faith and life. The Bible and Spirituality Centre should also be experienced as a place of silence and prayer.  


The diverse programme of the Lifeworlds is divided into the areas of "Family and Generations", "Youth", "Young Adults" and "Women, Men, Partnership, including the Rainbow Centre". The lifeworld Family and Generations is intended to take up the topics of the different realities of life of families and thereby offer cross-generational offers. The Lifeworld Youth is not only aimed at young people who are members of church youth groups and youth associations, but also at interested young people from the city and the region who have no explicit church connection. For the 102nd German Catholic Convention in Stuttgart, the newly included life world of Young Adults offers for the first time the opportunity to explicitly take up the concerns and questions of that age group that is "between" adolescence and the established adult world. Their topics are strongly characterised by life-decisive upheavals, such as the end of training/studies, starting a career and starting a family. The lifeworld Women, Men, Partnership, including the Rainbow Centre, is intended to address the current questions and issues around gender roles, partnership and sexuality. Gender justice is a central political keyword. The Rainbow Centre with its services for people of the same sex is also integrated into this lifeworld.  


The cultural programme offers events in visual arts, film, literature, cabaret, theatre, musical theatre, dance/performance and music. Especially in the field of music, the cultural programme is very diverse and ranges from classical church music to Christian popular music and gospel to secular music (pop, rock, jazz, classical music, world music). Many lay choirs and bands participate in the Katholikentag and also help to organise thematic events and church services. The cultural programme is not limited to the evenings, but also takes place during the day. All events in the cultural programme will have a recognisable connection to the motto of the Katholikentag sharing life, with explicit recognition and respect for artistic autonomy. 

Church services and liturgy 

The range of services and liturgical offerings includes a variety of Eucharistic celebrations, services of the word and workshops, as well as a range of liturgies of the day in different places and at different times. The two large televised services for Ascension Day on Thursday and the closing service on Sunday are also located in this area.   

Central events 

Central events are the cornerstones of the Katholikentag programme, in addition to the large services on Ascension Day and the closing service. These traditionally include the opening ceremony and the open-air programme on Saturday evening.  

Church Mile 

The Church Mile invites you to get to know the diversity of church life and commitment in associations, diocesan lay committees, spiritual communities, religious orders, church institutions and initiatives.  

Occasional events 

Occasional events are not part of the official programme. The preparing external providers and organisations (e.g. local theatres and museums) have oriented themselves on the motto of the Katholikentag, but carry out their events without the logistical support of the Katholikentag. 

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