Katholikentag or German Catholic Convention

Katholikentage are mega events with a time-honored tradition.

The 102nd Katholikentag will take place in Stuttgart from 25th to 29th May 2022. The Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK – visit the German website: zdk.de), in conjunction with the Diocese of Stuttgart, will present a richly varied program for young people, adults, people with handicaps, families and senior citizens, for the faithful and for those who have lost contact with the Church alike. For five days, Stuttgart will host several thousand participants from throughout Germany and from all over the world.

Background information

Katholikentage, German Catholic Conventions, are mega events with a time-honored tradition. For more than 170 years it has convened Catholics and the faithful of all denominations in dialogue. In 1848, Katholikentage were grown out of a Catholic lay person movement. First they were staged every year and since 1950 biennially.

Katholikentage are organized by the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK – visit the German website: zdk.de), the highest representative affiliation of Catholic lay persons in the German church. Every two years another city becomes a partner to host the convention. While Katholikentag, ten thousands of Catholics and other believers from Germany and from all over the world come together to discuss, pray and celebrate. 

Visitors to the Katholikentag can expect an atmosphere of liturgical services and roundtable discussions, of prayer and festival. With large open-air concerts and performances in the minor arts, theatre and cabaret on the city’s stages, Katholikentag traditionally attracts large crowds of day guests from the surrounding region. 

Katholikentage are communicative and devout, colorful and various, serious and vibrant, spiritual and political. German Catholic Conventions invite everyone: Biblical Christians, believers of other religions and people simply interested in the Christian belief and the activities of the church.

Katholikentage are reflections of life in church: Bringing people of all ages, all parts of Germany and the world together. To experience collective belief vibrant and alive, to shape the future and to regain one's strength – that is what the participants focus on.

Besides, German Catholic Conventions are places to face current political and social problems and challenges and to search for ways to create the world by belief. Many signals and ideas for society and church came from German Catholic Conventions.

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