Contact the German Consulate or Embassy in your country and ask which documents are required for your application.Fill out the visa application form online or download it here. Schedule an appointment with your German Consulate or Embassy to hand in documents and complete interview. Appointments should take place between 25 February and 31 March 2022. Prepare answers to frequently asked questions during the interview.


Please contact the German Consulate or Embassy in your country and ask which documents are required for your visa application! The list might include, but is not limited to: 

  • Proof of identity/travel document 
  • The invoice/registration confirmation as proof of the purpose of your trip 
  • Invitation letter 
  • Proof of travel health insurance 
  • Proof of financial means to cover the cost of travelling and living 
  • Itinerary documents incl. flight numbers 
  • Proof of willingness to return  
  • Proof of accommodation. If you booked an accommodation via Katholikentag, use the address of our office until we assign accommodations: 
    102. Deutscher Katholikentag 
    Eberhardstr. 65 
    70173 Stuttgart 

The deadline for registration and ticket purchase is 28 January 2022 for visa support. Appointments at the German Consulate or Embassy in your country should take place between 25 February and 31 March 2022. After that please inform the Katholikentag via international(at) about both the acceptance or rejection of your visa application as soon as possible. Keep track of the steps with our checklist

  • Login to your “My Katholikentag” account and complete the online registration form. The deadline is 28 January 2022 for visa support. After completion you will automatically receive an invoice which also serves as a registration confirmation.  
  • Pay the invoice by clicking on "pay online" under “My files”. It is best to use PayPal or transfer the amount directly.  
  • Then contact us via international(at), so we are aware of our needs!  
  • Wait a few days for us to verify receipt of your payment. Then you will find your invitation letter in your "My Katholikentag" account under "My files". Download and print this file and add it to the other documents requested by the German Consulate or Embassy. 

You are eligible to choose the discounted 5-day ticket for 54 Euro which also includes a travel pass for the city of Stuttgart.  
We can only provide communal accommodation which includes breakfast but no other service and is closed during the day.  
If you register a group, the maximum number of people is 25. 
You can find more information here.

Unfortunately, the Katholikentag cannot provide health insurance this time.

Do you have any questions?

Phone: +49 711 20 70 384 0
E-mail: international(at)