FAQ Programme

The programme of a Katholikentag is primarily prepared by working groups set up for this purpose. These working groups work on a voluntary basis. In addition, the Catholic associations, diocesan councils, organisations and initiatives of the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK) also contribute to the programme. Other church groups can also apply on their own initiative with programme proposals. 

The final programme will be finalised in spring 2022. Since October 2020, the motto for the 102nd Katholikentag has been fixed: leben teilen or sharing life. On this basis, as well as on the basis of the defined themes, the programme for the event in May 2022 will be drawn up in working groups. The applications and registrations of the various groups are sifted through and it is organised who may perform when, where and for how long. All this takes a lot of time and preparation.

Yes, but unlike past events, this time you won't find detailed information on all the events in the programme booklet. It offers an overview of the topics and events of the Katholikentag. The complete programme can be found on our website or in the Katholikentag app. As always the event details are only available in German, but you will be able to search for English language or interpreted events in our programme data base.

Yes. The app will be available free of charge for iOS and Android from March 2022. The menu in the app will also be available in English. 

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