Where you can rest your head

There are various options for staying overnight during the Katholikentag in Erfurt.

Many questions are also answered in our frequently asked questions.

Shared accommodation (“Gemeinschaftsquartiere”)

Katholikentag also means community - and that can start with the accommodation. We offer simple and inexpensive shared accommodation. Accommodation is mainly in gym halls and a few classrooms in schools, as there are no holidays or public holidays in Thuringia during the Katholikentag. Breakfast is included in the price of the accommodation.

For the accommodation you must bring

  • sleeping mat, air mattress or air bed as well as a sleeping bag or bedding
  • breakfast dishes: plate, cutlery, cup, cereal bowl and a tea towel
  • Personal items for the 5 days, including toiletries and towels.

Accommodation in schools will be from Wednesday, May 29, 2024, to Sunday, June 2, 2024. Earlier arrival and later departure are not possible!

The schools will be accessible daily from 6.00 pm until approx. 0.00 pm, on Wednesday the schools can be occupied from the afternoon. Departure on Sunday must be by 10.00 am. The schools are all located in the city area of Erfurt.

Private accommodation (“Privatquartier”)

Finding private accommodation has proved increasingly difficult at previous Katholikentag, not least because of the ever-changing coronal situation.

You can indicate your wish for private accommodation when you register. In this case, registration must be made by March 24, 2024 at the latest.

Private accommodation is primarily intended for older participants, families and people with disabilities. For this reason, we will check whether accommodation in private quarters is possible when you register. If this is not the case, we will inform you.

Since the number of private accommodations is limited, we ask you to clarify in advance whether you can stay overnight with friends, acquaintances or relatives in the Erfurt area.

Placement fee

We charge a flat rate of 25 Euro per person for arranging private or shared accommodation. Families pay a flat rate of 50 Euro, regardless of the number of persons. In case of cancellation after March 31, 2024, the placement fee cannot be refunded. 


The Katholikentag does not arrange accommodation in hotels, holiday flats, youth hostels or campsites.  

Erfurt Tourism will be happy to help you find hotel or guesthouse rooms:, Accommodation: +49 361 - 66 40 110,   

For the Katholikentag, it is possible to arrange accommodation in shared accommodation via online registration until March 24, 2024. Private accommodation with private hosts is only available in individual cases. 



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