In major addresses and podium events, the Katholikentag program will be marked by two topic areas: the future of faith and the Church, and the future of society. Prominent figures in politics, the Church, the media, culture and sports will talk about Christians’ responsibilities for shaping the future; discussions of these issues will be open to participants as well. 

Beyond the two principal topics of the gathering, centers will be set up for the Katholikentag, where participants will also find thematic suggestions on matters relating to young people, families, spiritual life, women and men, ecumenicalism, One World, the liturgy and church music. There will also be a centre devoted to Judeo-Christian dialogue, and one for Islam-Christian dialogue. 

An attractive cultural program in the streets and squares and on the stages of Muenster will draw day guests from the entire region to the city. An important element of the five-day event is the spiritual program: large- and small-scale church services, liturgies of the hours, and daily Bible studies. Each evening, artists will invite attendees to major cultural events. The climax and conclusion for the Katholikentag is the Main Mass on Sunday.


The ‘Church Mile’ (Kirchenmeile)

Traditionally, the Church Mile at Katholikentag is a place at which organizations, Church institutions and associations, together with their ecumenical partner organizations, present the diversity of German Catholicism and life in the Church in Germany. 

In Muenster, the Church Mile will take the form of small tents set up in the open air; guests at Katholikentag can visit it from Thursday (9th May) through Saturday (13th May).

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