Prayer for the Katholikentag in Muenster

Lord, our God, we seek peace:
for the world and europe, for our country and the society in which we live.
We seek peace with and in your creation,
between religions and confessions, in our church and in our communities.
We seek peace among ourselves and with ourselves.
We seek peace with you and in you.

We see
dissatisfaction, wars and struggles,
the exploitation of the earth,
religious violence and fanatical hatred.

We experience
breaks and crises,
illness, suffering and death. 

We see
that the world can forget you,
and still experience signs
of your closeness, your life and your peace.


We are grateful to you for all those
who are part of a peaceful and solidified world
seeking a humane and just future
for a reconciled society
that stands for dialogues between the religions.

We are grateful to all people
who give us the happiness of successful relationships
that give peace to our hearts and souls
who believe in you, love you, testify to you
who strengthen our trust in you and your closeness.

We are most grateful to you
for giving us your son Jesus Christ.
He is our peace.
Through him and with him we can be peace-makers.

With him and all the people of the people of Israel, we say,
"Who is the man who loves life and wants to see good days?
Turn away from evil and do good;
seek peace and pursue it!"

So let us become people who love life and seek peace.

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