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28. Mai bis 1. Juni 2014 in Regensburg

Welcome to Regensburg

The German Katholikentag will be held for the 99th time from 28 May through 1 June 2014. This time in Regensburg, one of Germany‘s oldest cities, with a rich religious and cultural heritage. The landmark symbol for the city on the Danube is the Stone Bridge (Steinerne Brücke). Indeed, the image for the
upcoming Day for Catholics is a symbol for the same kind of connection, as in keeping with the motto for the event, ‚Building Bridges with Christ‘, we want to work together to build bridges. As host for the event, the Diocese of Regensburg is contributing its own specifi c perspective to the preparation effort. The pilgrimage tradition that is deeply rooted in the diocese, the great dedication of social associations and the practice of faith – an expression of a living local Church – all these elements are making themselves felt at The Katholikentag. The historic ties to Bohemia and the partnership with the Diocese of Pilse? are representative of the linkage between East and West.

The Katholikentag has a social impact. For where religion is increasingly being forced into the realm of the private, it gathers people who want to confront contemporary political and social challenges in search of ways to shape the world from a basis in faith.

The German Katholikentag has an impact within the Church as well. Pope Francis has been impressively reminding us of this idea of Church, during his still-recent Pontificate, in his call upon the Chucrh to go ‚to the periphery‘. Building bridges means reaching out to one another in complete openness and love. It means directing our efforts to situations in which poverty and suffering dominate, acting in favour of a just and united world, seeking dialogue in the Church, with Christians of other faiths, religion and culture, and to people who have no contact with the Church. Everyone is welcome, regardless of age, status or worldview. This is why tens of thousands are convening in Regensburg to celebrate church services together, to live the Gospel, to discuss, to sing, to hope, and to build bridges to new shores in the Church and in the world. Join us as we celebrate this feast of dialogue and faith: You are cordially invited to attend!

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