Protection and care

Sexualised discrimination and violence are always an abuse of power structures and trust. As the German Catholic Convention is a major event where interpersonal encounters are the focus, it is necessary to address the topic. 

The following applies: what is and what is not transgressive, discriminatory behaviour depends solely on the individual demarcation of the person concerned. 

The Katholikentag will only become a safe space when everyone is attentive to this issue and makes it their own wherever they go. 

At the 102nd German Catholic Convention, all people should ... 

... be treated fairly. No one has the right to threaten or scare. No matter whether with looks, words, pictures or deeds! No one may be blackmailed, excluded, treated in a derogatory manner or be hit! 

... decide for themselves when, where and by whom they want to be photographed or filmed. 

... decide for themselves how close they come to someone, when, how and where! No one may be touched, massaged, caressed or kissed against their will or be pressured to do so with someone else. 

... have the right to say NO and to defend themselves if someone hurts their feelings or those of others! Saying NO applies with looks, words or through body posture! 

... not join in if something scares them, they find something disgusting or something makes them feel uncomfortable. 

... seek support from others. If someone feels uncomfortable or unwell, it is important to get help! 

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